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aluminum plate

Aluminum foil

Shengming Aluminum provides professional industrial aluminum solutions according

to the aluminum demand and properties of different industries.

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Shandong Shengming Aluminum Co., Ltd is located in shandong province, China. Mainly engaged in all kinds of aluminum coils, aluminum plates,

embossed aluminum plates, aluminum foil, aluminum bars, aluminum tubes, aluminum particles aluminum corrugated roof sheet, color coated aluminum coil and so on.

  • Aluminum reel with can puller and can lid (bottom)

  • Aluminum and corrugated board for industrial and civil buildings and warehouses

  • Aluminum coil for ships and yachts

  • Automotive lightweight aluminum alloy

  • Aluminum alloy for tanker

  • Aluminum foil for medical packaging

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Shandong Shengming Aluminum Co., Ltd is located in shando...

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